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The Abies Project, launched in 2020 by Wood ‘n’ Tones, is based on the collaboration of PhD Physicist Simone Bonanomi and his friend Andrea Corsini, with some American luthiers Richard Jaouen, Michael Bashkin and Chris Jenkins.

Richard, Michael, and Chris meet annually , and communicate often, to compare their results in finished guitars: using  the data from the raw tops, as well as spectrograms, Chladni patterns, and monopole mobility  measurements in the finished guitars, they are constantly working to perfect the wood selection algorithm we use to pick the best tops for creating responsive guitars.  

The project also relies heavily on the research in the field of tone wood study conducted by Trevor Gore.

The core of the Abies Project is the development of an innovative method for selecting soundboards.

This involves a preliminary aesthetic rating...
...the measurement of physical and acoustic properties...
...the use of an algorithm that transposes these properties into an index of performance.

The result is the selection of the best soundboards for guitar in term of reponsiveness.

Aesthetic Rating

We stamp Nix, Aura or Ursa icons on the soundboards.
These are the Latin words for Snow, Wind and Bear


Tops stamped Ursa contain some element of bearclaw figure.


Nix means snow.
We retain this classification for the  most clear and white of soundboards .


These tops, while capable of producing the highest quality sound, may have some slight color, as well as grain line variations.


Only the Best Soundboards

Aesthetic Classification

High Res. Pictures

All Data Available

We supply two high resolution photographs of each top.

One is a natural photo of the wood. The second  is a high contrast photo we call “ xray,” in which we maximize the contrast in order to highlight all the features of the wood. 

These are not the snapshots you are used to seeing of spruce tops for sale.
These photographs are very high quality, and high resolution, allowing the potential user to closely examine each piece of wood.

Standard Picture

Tap to see the X-ray one

X-ray Picture


All this would not be possible without the collaboration with one of the world’s most renowned wood suppliers for musical instruments: Rivolta Tonewoods.

Marta and Stefano Rivolta make available their supplies of fine Italian spruce.

Want to know more about them?
Visit their WEBSITE.



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